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Superannuation contributions made easy
Under Choice of Super legislation, your employees have the flexibility to choose a fund to direct their super to. Making superannuation contributions to multiple funds, each with their own requirements, costs your business in terms of time and transaction fees.
QuickSuper will save you time and money by providing a single solution to manage all of your contributions. Major funds are already registered in the system for your use or you can register your own (eg self-managed super funds).
The solution is applicable whether you are making contributions for your own employees or if you are a service provider (eg accountant, bookkeeper, payroll bureau) making contributions on behalf of your customers.
How does QuickSuper work?
QuickSuper is simple to use:
  1. Enter your contributions, either by creating online or uploading a file;
  2. Pay for your contributions in a single payment, either automatically debited from your nominated account or by EFT from your own internet banking facility.
QuickSuper will then take care of the rest by scheduling payments to the required funds.
The QuickSuper website provides access to contribution information and reports. You can even search for individual transactions to handle employee or beneficiary enquiries and download payment history as required.
How do I find out more?
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